Benefits of singing

Physical Health

Promotes health in the lungs, heart, body and mind through gentle exercise, improved posture and breathing technique.

Mental Wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing increased serotonin production, stimulated pathways in the brain for enhanced recall and learning capacity with a direct effect on language, maths skills, positive attitude and calmer behaviour.

Confidence in the Community

Engage with other people in a fun activity with shared goals in a supportive atmosphere.

Community Music Malvern – Music for all

Music is good for the body, mind and soul, and it belongs to everyone. The positive effects of singing are many and include:

  • Improved mental health
  • Mental agility is enhanced with a measurable effect on language recall and acquisition, mathematical development, memory recall, and improved behaviour
  • Improved physical health including the heart, lungs, brain, energy levels and a positive effect on physical coordination
  • A chance to develop friendships, decrease isolation and become part of the community
  • Increased self-confidence with more
    effective communication

Our Music Programme

Youth Choir

Malvern Link Youth Choir

Broaden the creative horizons of your kids

Youth Choir

Rallentandos Fun Choir

A community choir – we just want to sing and have fun!

Youth Choir

Musical Me

Pre-school club to introduce children to music – movement, listening and song.

Youth Choir

Choral Confidence

Group sessions, beginners and improvers, pitch confidence and vocal production

Youth Choir

Private Singing Lessons

One-to-one sessions, online or at my home in Malvern Link

Youth Choir

Remember that song?

Take a trip down memory lane and sing the golden oldies

What is Community Music Malvern and who is Es?

Hi, I am Es Hoyle. My background is varied, including qualifications in teaching, singing and singing for health.

I have experience of teaching singing and music with age groups ranging from 0 (pre-birth) to 104 ( I would happily work with older people but haven’t met many recently). My music training is through the British Kodaly Association, Doremi Connect, Alzheimer’s Society and my amazing singing teacher Erika Mädi Jones. Singing is central to my own well-being…when the going gets tough I find that to put a smile back on my face and a spring in my step I just need to sing the song from my heart. People are my other great love, so I can’t wait to meet you. I hope to help find the way to make your hearts sing too.

Do click the video above to take a walk with me as I chatter on about what Community Music Malvern is all about and why YOU should sing!

What my clients say

News and Articles

Here at my singing lesson

Here at my singing lesson

War rages, CO2 emissions continue to soar, people rush from stress to stress … and yet here am I at my singing lesson. At the beginning I thought it was self-indulgent to spend an hour bettering my...

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ARS Longa – Rallentandos.

ARS Longa – Rallentandos.

‘ARS longa, vita brevis’ or ‘Art is long, life is short’. This was the Beethoven round we sang during the very first session of Rallentandos. I don’t know if it was the lovely, open people who came...

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Available for solo work

Es is available to hire for one-off concerts, services or occasional group work.

Please make an enquiry if you would like a singer at a wedding, funeral, Christening or party. Hire is by agreed donation and all proceeds will be used to support the growth of the Community Choirs and activities.

Contact Es

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